Korbyn – Firefighter for the Day

Our favorite lil Korbyn has made the news and got his wish. Korbyn has always wanted to be a firefighter, and on Friday he got his wish.

Korbyn was diagnosed with acute lymphoid leukemia in March of 2013. A project called ?Anything Can Be? that helps fulfill the dreams of children with cancer by giving them a day full of fun and capturing it all through photos helped Korbyn experience life as a firefighter.

The boy got to hang out with Unified Fire Authority personnel and see some of what they do on a daily basis.

Battalion Chief Brian Anderton, UFA, spoke about the day.

?Too often in the fire service we get to see kids at their worst times, and this young man has shown a lot of courage in going through some trials,? he said.

Michelle Ricord, Korbyn’s mother, said her son will always remember the day?s activities.

?This is just going to mean so, so much to him,? she said.?This is going to be something he talks about for years to come.?

Ricord said her son has been fighting cancer for 18 months and has about 2 more years to go, but she said she has confidence that he?ll reach the finish line.