Give Back – BII – GoFundMe for Hollie Godfrey

Family and Friends,

Our friend, Hollie Godfrey, has been struggling with her health for well over a decade. Now they are saying surgery will be needed and not only the medical bills, surgery costs, recovery costs, etc… She is self-employed and will be unable to do her hard labor jobs. You can Venmo her directly or here is the link to the GoFundMe in her name

Anyone that knows Hollie knows she is the first to give, the first to help, the first to check on others, etc… Now it is her turn. While Hollie is too proud to ask for help and might kill me for asking for her. I’m going to ask for forgiveness later. 🙂

A little bit of history around Hollie’s health without invading her privacy too much. She had Mentor implants since 6/99 and found out in 2012 that she has Ankylosing Spondylitis. Prior to that diagnosis she had been looking for an answer to her pain for 3-5 years. She had a series of test done to get the diagnosis. One of the test was typing for the gene HLA-B27. In which, she was positive for the gene.

She also has a heart condition that started in 2008 and went into SVT 7 times in one summer and she had to have her heart “restarted” in order to get in back into normal sinus rhythm and then received a non-evasive heart surgery.

Recently, her health continues to decline with no answers. She has been told that there is nothing they can do for her and they just load her up on pain meds. Until recently she had special testing done looking for Auto-immune diseases on top of the ones she already has. The test came back off the charts. Over 80 is positive an her numbers were 1280. Doctors were telling her that these results are “false-positives”, which meant that they have no answers again.

Everything in her life has been changing – her thoughts are jumbled and foggy. She can’t think straight. Her heart is acting up, hands are swollen and hurt to use, which is making her spiral into a depression of feeling there is no way to have her life back to normal.

UNTIL – Two weeks ago she found out about “BII”, which are her exact symptoms and the answer to this mysterious illnesses that have consumed her body.

In fact, a doctor that went through her own story of BII started putting medical info online about this and she says in one of her videos that anyone that is HLA-B27 positive should NEVER get implants of any kind. Not a hip, a chin or any type of medical device. So Hollie’s body has been trying to reject these for nearly 20 years! Causing havoc on her body. The doctor continues to state that it is even more dangerous if the person has Ankylosing Spondylitis, which Hollie does.

She has contacted Mentor and all they will change them out, which doesn’t help her at all she needs them removed from her body in order to get healthy and reclaim her life! She has insurance but it is ACA and out of pocket is $6000.

She, as stated above, is self-employed as a designer/painter and doesn’t have the money to pay for the surgery and survive the healing time. She is a single mom and has taken care of everyone, but can’t do this herself without some help. There is a time in our life when we all need that extra help and this life changing surgery is needed for Hollie’s health and future.

With love and many thanks in advance!

GoFundMe for Hollie