Utah Covid-19 PPE Update

My besties are making a difference. See the cause and donate if you can… Thanks for allowing us to help with this amazing cause.

As a shout-out to the stats fans, let?s start with the numbers. In three weeks we have:?

1. Delivered 400 shields
2. Printed enough parts to complete over 1000 shields
3. Received enough donations to ensure no medical worker has to pay out of pocket for their shield

All of the credit for our success so far goes to our Maker community, our volunteers and our donors. Without you, we never would have been able to serve this many.

For this update I?d like to highlight the people we are serving. Please take a moment to look through the photo gallery, you may see someone you know wearing one of our shields.??A few quotes we have received from our friends receiving shields: ???I have been going out to the Covid-19 tents the past few days and the shield has been AMAZING!?

?I used the one you dropped off for our department the other day and it was so much more comfortable than the other ones????These shields are the most comfortable out of any we have available. That makes a huge difference now that we?re wearing them for our full shift?

?Thank you! I finally feel like I have adequate protection when I?m working with Civid patients!?

?The shields are being scooped up as fast as we can get them into the ER and Anesthesia teams?

As always, if you are in the medical field and in need of PPE, please reach out. You can join our FB group (link below) or message me directly. 

If you?d like to help us continue to deliver these shields, you can find the link to our GoFundMe campaign here (all donations go directly to material costs): gf.me/u/xwhhnp

If you have a 3d Printer or would like to volunteer, join our FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/168169440959158/?ref=bookmarks

Thanks to our partners Lashbrook and Park City Library!