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Mission & Services

Striving to fundraise money to take the financial burden from families who are affected by cancer and other illnesses.

Make Donations

Donations can be made here or at any America First Location under account Love of Life (LOL) Foundation.

Charity Programs

We host charity events to fundraise money to assist families that have been stricken.


Who We Are

Jyl London

Love of Life (LOL) Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that creates events to help raise money for those in need founded by Jyl London. We aim to help families with their struggles such as: cancer, hospitalization, homelessness, abuse, etc… We use activities to fundraise for the families with a goal to relieve the financial burden of the families who are affected by cancer, illness or other unfortunate circumstances.

We Know:

  • The impact cancer and diseases have on families
  • The life-changing experiences that cancer or illness brings
  • Providing accommodation and support services for all families

Our History


Jyl’s paternal grandmother passed away from a valiant fight with breast cancer the first of many to follow. Later she lost her aunt Sharlene to breast cancer and now this meant most of her Dad’s side of the family had been taken to cancer. A short time later her own thyroid started internally bleeding due to a tumor and was removed.


A close cousin of Jyl’s was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and died a shortly after. Just a few months later Jyl lost a man she idolized to cancer – her boss (Wayne Bates) and then two days later her own father (Wayne London) passed away suddenly from a massive heart-attack after a scope on his knee.


Jyl was in a serious car accident and bled internally for a week, along with several other damaging effects to her body. She knew life was short and to cherish it with those she loved. Right after ringing in the new year, Jyl’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and now with two people close to her in her family with cancer – both her mom and her aunt. Her goal to help was even stronger and Jyl decided to make her dream a reality and started her own charity. Later in 2013, her aunt Mary Beth, valiantly returned to fly with the angels and do her share of volunteering on the other side.

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you are a golfer, a bowler, a chef or a runner, you can contribute and volunteer to several different causes each year. You can make a difference as you celebrate survivorship, honor those who have lost their battle, and most importantly, raise funds and awareness for the fight against many life threatening diseases.


Join the fight where you live, work and play:

  • Help with an event by volunteering services
  • Assist with an event by marketing it
  • Donate money to a cause
  • Attend charity events
  • Become an advocate
  • Donate resources to a cause
  • Send love to those struggling

Thanks to survivors, volunteers and activists dedicated to serving others in the community, the Love of Life Foundation is becoming a fast growing foundation in supporting multiple causes and programs. Find out how you can help today within your community by contacting us or another great resource location is: Create the Good

Our Team

  • Jyl London ツ
    Jyl London is the founder of Love of Life (LOL) Foundation and Boot Scootin’ Boogie (Mud,...